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Aside from being more pleasing in appearance, properly pruned trees will normally remain healthier and live longer than neglected trees. In fact, the pruning of trees is the most important tree maintenance practice you can have.

Pruning is important in order to maintain tree health. The arborist can develop strong trunk and branch structure by eliminating potential defects, particularly while the tree is still young. If the arborist is not called in until the tree is older an attempt to correct the structural defect could injure the tree. We can advise on the best course of action for the future health of the tree.

Trees also can encroach towards buildings, shade light and gardens and be simply too large for their location. A light crown reduction or a crown thin will be a pleasing tree to have in your garden instead of one that you can't live with.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge maintenance can be a bigger job than you are capable of.  It may be that the hedge has been neglected for a while and just needs bringing back to a manageable status.  We also offer an annual maintenance service to keep your hedges in a uniform condition. We remove all trimmings from site, leaving your garden neat and tidy upon completion.

Traffic management is a factor to be considered when you are working on a street location and Greenwood Tree Surgeons equip each team to safely manage traffic hazards.

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees can be planted in the wrong place or simply have gone into decline and have become a safety issue. These trees can be removed with minimal disturbance and we can offer a full replanting service.

Stump Removal

Tree removal leaves a stump in the ground which may be unwanted. If we have removed the tree, we will have discussed stump removal or 'stump grinding' as it is known. If the tree has been removed by someone else, you may just be left with an unsightly stump where the tree used to be. Removal is done with a stump grinder and the by-product is chippings which you can choose to keep or let us remove.


We can proivde replacement trees for ones that we have removed.

Climbing Plants

There is nothing quite like Ivy to give a house that 'country manor' look. It is, however, quite aggressive as a species. If you have Ivy attached to your house, you need to keep it under control. This not only looks better but protects your house from intrusive growth. Your house will look neater when the Ivy is brought under control. The frontal aspect will be vastly improved.

Tree Inspections & Surveys

We offer a full inspection service for the structural integrity of your tree or trees. For larger sites we can undertake a full tree survey, which includes a full data of your trees involving tree tagging, species, height, age, condition etc.

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Greenwood Tree Surgeons offers a domestic and commercial tree surgery service throughout Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Middlesex.

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